Categories: Church newsPublished On: 16 February 2024

12 quizzers and 1 quiz-mistress/caterer (sporting her best apron) gathered on 13 February for the annual quiz lunch and enjoyed pizzas delivered to the church, followed by pancakes. There were 4 teams of 3 who tackled questions ranging from the Bible to Food and Drink, with a fair bit of head scratching at the more difficult questions, but one team won by a large margin – it happened to contain the Chaplain and the 2 Churchwardens so perhaps some heavenly guidance was involved! The proceeds will be sent to Restos du Coeur.

As many of our congregation travel a fair distance to church it has proved impossible to have a good attendance at both the quiz and Ash Wednesday service on consecutive days, so our resourceful Chaplain decided to have the service on the Tuesday before the quiz lunch. That explains the black crosses on foreheads in the photos!