Categories: Church newsPublished On: 26 January 2024

This proposal is for five-year-old John Khian Seguisabal to receive a scholarship with the PSHF-run Lighthouse Learning Center satellite school in Barangay Uling, City of Naga, Cebu. Khian is one of the five pupils attending the morning class of Teacher Malyn. Khian and his two siblings, Jennifer (13) and Jurice (11) are living with their grandmother Elizabeth Rosalita (56). Their parents separated when Khian was only 1 year old. Khian’s father John Neil (29) is a barber in their barangay. He sometimes gives food allowances “baon” to his three children during school days. Khian’s mother Stephanie (29), works in a bakery far away in Lahug, Cebu City, and seldom visits her children in Naga. She only sends Elizabeth 500 pesos (€8) per week as a contribution to the living costs of her three children. Since each of Khian’s parents now has another family, the three children are being neglected but thankfully Elizabeth takes on the responsibility and loves her grandchildren. When Elizabeth heard of a scholarship possibility in our school, she approached Teacher Malyn, hoping Khian could avail of a scholarship. Khian is very attentive in class. He is not a fast learner but he is very eager to learn. Elizabeth is the one helping Khian whenever Teacher Malyn gives him homework. She is very happy seeing her grandchild improve a lot academically. In the first month, Khian had difficulty in speaking but now he can converse with his grandmother well. Khian can also write properly and he is very interested in science.

Khian with his grandmother